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Using secure videoconferencing technology, Renown TeleHealth is education, care management, self management, primary care, specialty care, emergency and urgent care for the diagnosis, consultation, and/or treatment of patients.

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Health & Wellness

Remote-patient-monitoringWe are committed to improving the health of the communities we serve by providing training support for primary care physicians and nurse practitioners who work in the community, as well as providing education and support groups virtually to people in all communities.

We offer over 100 opportunities for peers, including committee meetings, executive meetings, leadership meetings, Grand Rounds, CME & CEU courses, etc. These education and training opportunities are available to you in person or through a secure videoconferencing connection, allowing for real time interactive participation without you ever having to leave your home or workplace.

Renown TeleHealth is currently virtualizing a comprehensive library of classes. The classes will be held in our state-of-the-art TeleHealth Conference rooms that contain multiple video-enabled endpoints and multiple screens for the most comprehensive real-life education and training possible.

Primary Care

We offer primary care services, or Virtual Visits, which allows patients to meet with providers by using a cellphone, computer or tablet. Patients can securely connect through a video-enabled device to a Renown medical provider for treat of common conditions and minor ailments.

When services aren’t provided locally, primary care can be provided through telehealth.

Specialty Care

Renown TeleHealth Specialty Care connects patients with an expert in Reno who can treat complex conditions.

Using diagnostic equipment specifically adapted for telemedicine, the physician specialist conducts a live, interactive discussion with the patient and their healthcare provider to obtain a comprehensive medical history and perform a thorough physical examination to facilitate a collaborative diagnosis and treatment plan.

This service is available for scheduled, clinic-based scenarios such as the evaluation of diabetes-related symptoms with an endocrinologist or evaluation of stomach pain with a gastroenterologist.

This program is made possible by the experience and expertise of a select group of specialists in Reno. Some are affiliated with Renown Health, some with the University of Nevada School of Medicine and some are independent practitioners.

Telemedicine services provided on a scheduled clinic basis require facilitation through Renown’s Centralized Scheduling department.  This is done by a TeleHealth team who answers the Rural Referral telephone number of 775-982-7700.

Hospital Care

In urgent situations, every minute matters.

Our video conferencing technology enables medical providers and healthcare facilities to provide virtual consultative services for patients in distant hospitals. This is for urgent/emergent hospital service consultations, with no appointments necessary.

Distant Site medical providers interact with Originating Site patients and emergency room or inpatient room providers through specialized audio-visual media to hold live interactive discussions to facilitate a collaborative diagnosis, treatment plan, prognosis, disease management regimen, and/or to facilitate transfers to Renown Regional Medical Center.

Consulting Physicians

The Program utilizes physicians employed by Renown Health and independently practicing specialists in order to meet the demand for services required by Originating Sites.

All specialists are local to the Reno area, allowing for continuity of care once the patient is discharged from the hospital. They are able to maintain a relationship with the physician who helped manage their acute illness.

Scheduling Services

Telemedicine services provided on an emergent or urgent basis for hospital based patients (i.e. emergency department or inpatient consults) require facilitation through the Renown Health Emergency Department. Scheduling is done by the Case Management team who already answers the Rural Hotline telephone number 775-982-2227.

Hospital TeleHealth Specialties Available:

  • Emergency Room Hospitalists
  • Gastroenterology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Inpatient Hospitalists
  • Intensive Care
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology – Including Stroke Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Pulmonary


Hospital TeleHealth locations:

  • Southern Inyo Healthcare District
  • Carson Valley Medical Center
  • Banner Lassen Medical Center

Check with the Renown TeleHealth Coordinator for a current schedule by calling 775-982-7700.

Stroke Care

When a stroke strikes, time is of the essence. The faster a patient receives proper treatment for stroke, the better the chances for recovery.

As an important component of the hospital telemedicine program, the Telestroke Program enables neurologists from Renown Regional Medical Center to examine patients at partner hospitals miles away to help diagnose the patient’s ailment, recommend a plan of care; including the administration of life-saving medications should they be needed.

Although the goal is that the patient is treated and stays at or remains at their local hospital, if an interventional neuroradiologist is required, the patient can receive treatment at Renown Medical Center. Patients will also receive the same follow up care we provide our local patients through our Stroke Bridge Program and ongoing follow up through our telemedicine program.

Our goal is to take the same high standards we apply to our overall stroke care at Renown Regional Medical Center and make them available to patients wherever they are.

Remote Patient Monitoring

TeleHealth-Specialities-Care3Remote Patient Monitoring is a technology that allows monitoring and evaluation of patients outside of clinical settings and at the home.

Through a remote interface, clinical data is collected from individuals and then transmitted to a health care provider for clinical review, management, and patient education. This helps identify problems early and can reduce or eliminate urgent care or emergency room visits.

Patients are given devices that transmit important information to Renown professionals. It allows patients to maintain independence, prevent complications and minimize personal costs.

This technology could help to decrease readmissions to hospitals, avoid unnecessary doctor visits, enhance medication compliance, and improve communication between patients and clinicians. Remote monitoring is most useful for managing the care of patients with chronic conditions with the strongest evidence for cardiac applications.

Remote Patient Monitoring delivers care right to the home. It also helps patients and their family members feel comfortable knowing that they are being supported if a problem arises.

Learn more about TeleHealth and our TeleHealth services by calling 775-982-7700 or emailing

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